Ministry to grades 6 to 8.

EDGE Youth Ministry

Welcome to the St Paul the Apostle EDGE program.

On this page you will find the necessary information needed for the EDGE Program.

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Contact information 
Dave McKendrick
Youth Minister, St. Paul the Apostle Church, Alliston
Fb Alliston Lifeteen
Insta @davemckym


This is a Edge Camp Early Registration Flyer
Edge Camp 2023 Registration
Edge Camp Registration for 2023 will open in February. Apply now for the early bird price. See the flyer below for more information.
More Info Click Here!
A cover image for the adam and eve youtube video
Easter 2022 Youth Retreat
Hello everyone, check out this link that shows our LifeTeen students performing a creation skit for the Edger's on Good Friday. It is a YouTube video created by our amazing Patti youth ministry volunteer.
Click for the video here
An image used for our march break event
March Break Event
Watch what the Youth ministry did during our March break of 2022. We wish you were there! A huge thank you to Patricia one of our amazing youth leaders for the video!!
Click here for the video
Demo Derby Images
Soap Box Derby Edge Night
Our first Edge night of the 2021-2022 year was a "Soap Box Derby". The Edger's were given a bunch of cardboard and had to make a vehicle that would fit over a tricycle. The Edger's then completed a "derby" using the tricycles with their cardboard vehicle over top of it. Watch our video below to see how the night went. A special thanks to Patti for creating the video..
See the video
An image of a heart on fire
Heart of a hero Edge night
The goal of the Heart of a Hero Edge Night is for the youth to see that we are drawn to superheroes because of their goodness and to be compelled to cultivate virtue in their own lives because they will find happiness when they seek what is good.
Pictures of the night
An image for our Black Panther Edge night
Black Panther Edge Night Nov 15
The goal of the Edge Night is to use the example of Black Panther to help the youth understand the virtue of prudence and know what is best for themselves and for others in everyday situations.
Click here for pictures
A title screen image with Mary Joseph and Jesus on it
Rejoice! Edge Advent Night
Rejoice! During Gaudette week of Advent (starts Dec12). Come caroling, families welcome with parent supervision. Followed by hot chocolate and snacks and crafts and games. Advent is beautiful! The anticipation is real. Come join us!